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核心提示:Baxter旨在打造世界级的独特品牌,为拥有纯粹独特精致生活品味的人群,提供现代艺术奢华的生活品味,创造亘古长青,永世流传的独特经典。Baxter 家具定制电话:18716668818
 Baxter aims to create a world-class unique brand, to provide people with a pure, unique and exquisite taste of life, to provide modern art and luxury lifestyle, and to create a unique classic that will last forever. Baxter Furniture Customization Tel: 18716668818
The story of baxter originated in the 1920s, starting with the use of leather. The first industry originated from the production of a classic and unique style sofa. The elegant and unique style of this sofa makes baxter a trusted classic brand in the industry. Today's products are condensed through unique design and the unique artistic taste of the team.
Today's baxter has become a model of combining technology and art, and has changed the simple traditional manufacturing industry. Baxter can provide design solutions that integrate humanization and art, and transform to a more comprehensive service industry. Image consultants, architects, art collectors and designers work together day after day to combine creativity and practice, which has created the success and glory of baxter today. Using the finest leather, combined with the most outstanding manufacturing technology, baxter aims to create a world-class unique brand, to provide people with a pure and unique taste of life, provide modern art and luxury lifestyle, and create a unique that will last forever. classic.
The well-known Italian furniture brand baxter, which started with the British classical style, was founded in 1989, and every piece of its meticulously crafted products has the essence of "beyond the ordinary".
Baxter selects the highest quality leather, adopts traditional pure hand craftsmanship, personalized fashion design and rigorous back-end selection procedures to ensure the noble and extraordinary quality of Baxter products.
Baxter's positioning is to make the world's luxurious handmade art furniture, so every Baxter product is more like a piece of art worth collecting and owning. Baxter's color selection tends to be simple, and it is this kind of seemingly frequent but extraordinary furniture that can be called low-key luxury.
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