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核心提示:ANA ROQUE INTERIORS是葡萄牙品牌,由Ana ROQUE于1996年创立,因其在建筑设计和室内设计项目中的职业生涯而获奖。凭借其在家具开发方面的长期经验,以及装饰车间的照明,为它在多个国家赢得国际合作伙伴,如:西班牙、法国、英国、摩洛哥、卡塔尔、俄罗斯,斯里兰卡和土耳其等。ANA ROQUE INTERIORS 家具定制电话:18716668818
     ANA ROQUE INTERIORS is a Portuguese brand founded by Ana ROQUE in 1996. It was awarded for her career in architectural design and interior design projects. With its long-term experience in furniture development and the lighting of the decoration workshop, it has won international partners in many countries, such as: Spain, France, Britain, Morocco, Qatar, Russia, Sri Lanka and Turkey. ANA ROQUE INTERIORS Furniture customization Tel: 18716688818
       ANA ROQUE INTERIORS is a Portuguese brand founded in 1996 by well-known interior designer Ana Roque. ANA ROQUE INTERIORS is headquartered in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, including the finance department, sales department, design department, and meeting rooms, galleries, and toilets totaling 80 square meters.
       Its warehouse has a unique geographical location, and both domestic and international shipments are very convenient. The factory is located in the north of Portugal, and the prototypes are inspected according to the quality standards set by the AR Team before the products are put into production.
        ANA ROQUE INTERIORS furniture is known for its high quality and unique design, which stems from the fact that the design expert team not only follows the tradition of Portuguese craftsmen, but also constantly updates the current equipment to inject new vitality into the company.
       The uniqueness of the brand is also due to the careful selection of raw materials, such as glass, stainless steel, brass, and wood. These advantages endow the most professional and elegant creative vitality.
     The brand is committed to customizing according to customers' ideas and needs, with high aesthetic and global characteristics. Led by international fashion trends and constantly updated design concepts, the ANA ROQUE INTERIORS brand is even more unique.
     ANA ROQUE INTERIORS customization, art, design and manufacturing are the keywords of the brand. The special craftsmanship is a response to the history of the carpet and its traditions. Nowadays, it tries to introduce as many connoisseurs with personal style and various visuals as part of the interior space creation.
As a brand leader of indoor lighting products, the design of products revolves around sustainable development and human values, incorporating modern design into contemporary outdoor life experience. It turns them into unique furniture. It combines the world of craftsmanship and design technology, keeps innovating, and provides everyone with the highest quality furniture.
       Provide furnishings and home accessories with a timeless style that meet the highest standards of the art of living. From stylish living rooms to chic dining rooms and bedroom series, ANA ROQUE INTERIORS provides a series of unparalleled products in the furniture industry.
       It is synonymous with contemporary British home style. Its products cover lighting and furniture, and are exported to more than 60 countries around the world. It is also a design expert invited by major hotels, restaurants and museums around the world. Every furniture and accessories have undergone extensive research and continuous innovation, and are produced under extremely fine craftsmanship.
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