Giorgio Collection
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Giorgio Collection

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核心提示:Giorgio Collection是一家充满活力的奢侈品行业公司,其精湛的工艺、创业精神和服务是其成功的要素。Giorgio Collection 家具定制电话:18716668818
 Giorgio Collection is a dynamic luxury industry company whose superb craftsmanship, entrepreneurial spirit and service are the elements of its success. Giorgio Collection Furniture Customization Phone: 18716668818
    Italian furniture Giorgio Collection is an Italian family business founded in 1956. Family members Roberto, Fabio and Elisabetta inherited the business of their fathers and have been managed by three generations. With ingenious design concepts, high-quality raw materials and comprehensive customer service, the brand has entered a stage of vigorous development. Giorgio Collection perfectly interprets the Italian style, enabling people to appreciate the high-quality lifestyle. In product design, Giorgio Collection pays attention to the overall coordination of matching, so as to achieve the highest level of visual effects and practicality. At present, in "Senyuan Yipin", you can directly customize and purchase any product from Giorgio Collection.
      The company was founded by the Masolo family in 1956. In more than 60 years of history, it has been intercepting, foreseeing and inspiring a variety of different aesthetic trends, and has always adhered to its original and unique style. Inspired by the decorative arts, the basic and elegant lines in the furniture produce geometric meandering figures, combining classicism and futurism, which can only be achieved through avant-garde design.
       The stylish and elegant colors of Giorgio Collection are all hand-made with selected high-end materials. Every detail is so ingenious and exudes an unforgettable charming beauty. Outline a harmonious and unified overall beauty in the home space, this is the true definition of luxury.
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