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核心提示:VISIONNAIRE是意大利知名的家居设计品牌,以华丽优雅的维多利亚式和新巴洛克风格为主,始建于1959年,历史悠久。Visionnaire 家具定制电话:18716668818
 VISIonNAIRE is a well-known Italian home design brand. It is dominated by gorgeous and elegant Victorian style and Neo-Baroque style. It was founded in 1959 and has a long history. Visionnaire Furniture Customized Telephone: 18716668818
 VISIonNAIRE series of products from the first seat to more than 2,000 kinds of products today, from sofa seats to jewelry lamps and carpets, unique modeling craftsmanship, with dramatic, dreamy but practical characteristics.
 VISIONNAIRE's "HOME PHILOSOPHY" (Home Furnishing Philosophy) concept was proposed by an Italian senior fashion designer. It aims to create a home space that expresses its individual characteristics according to the special requirements of customers. Favored.
VISIonNAIRE is committed to the design of details, replacing traditional fabrics and soft interior decoration with noble and dynamic metal or glass, which vividly interprets the classic aristocratic style. Its unique style, full of drama and fashionable and beautiful shape present a dreamy yet practical and comfortable home experience.
Visionnaire is a brand of IPE, headquartered in Bologna, founded by the Cavalli family in 1959. In 2004, IPE Cavalli's second-generation successor Luigi Cavalli co-founded the Visionnaire brand with his son Leopold and daughter Eleonore.
As the top Italian home design brand, Visionnaire features gorgeous and elegant Victorian and Baroque styles. Our business covers more than 60 countries around the world. With its innovative, fashionable and luxurious series of products, Visionnaire has become the vane of today's international luxury interior design.
Visionnaire’s success should be attributed to its “Home Philosophy”, which promotes home design with an overall plan, starting with details and carefully conceived to create an amazing unique living environment. From exquisite custom-made dinner plates in the kitchen to luxurious rugs and fine Italian bedding, every detail reveals a comfortable and refined home atmosphere.
Visionnaire is Italy's top home design brand, founded in 1959 by well-known Italian designers Pompeo Cavalli and Vittorio Cavalli.
Its unique style, full of drama, and stylish and beautiful shape present a dreamy yet comfortable and comfortable home experience.
       Mainly based on gorgeous and elegant Victorian style and New Baroque style, creating a cool and elegant space that is not complicated.
      The restaurant built with Visionnaire furniture is full of noble metal and glass ornaments, and the entire space is as dazzling as starlight.
      Visionnaire's "Home Philosophy", which was put forward 50 years ago, is also a unique symbol of the brand.
     As a representative of the neo-Baroque style, Visionnaire is devoted to the design of details, and the classical aristocratic interpretation is most vivid.
     Visionnaire has fully explored the details of surface treatment, ceiling, floor, curtains and every other needed to create a refined overall appearance, completing the transition from overall consideration to the loss of any rich details. A multi-dimensional application of a series of rare elements including wood, metal, gems, semiconductors and new fabrics, new materials for decoration, and strive to create a world-shaking effect and international.
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