Vitoria Frigerio
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Vitoria Frigerio

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核心提示:Vittoria Frigerio家居产品中随处可见精巧细致的皮具制作工艺体现了其对手工技艺的专注与完美的不懈追求。Vittoria Frigerio在致力于发扬工匠精神的同时,更是在追求更高品质的居家生活。Vitoria Frigerio 家具定制电话:18716668818
    Vittoria Frigerio household products can be seen everywhere in the delicate and meticulous leather craftsmanship, which reflects its relentless pursuit of craftsmanship and perfection. Vittoria Frigerio is committed to promoting the craftsman's spirit while pursuing a higher quality home life. Vitoria Frigerio custom furniture phone: 18716668818
      Fine workmanship, popular interpretation, extraordinary temperament and poetic appearance, blending beauty and elegance into the product, while exuding a bit of retro atmosphere, VITTORIA FRIGERIO's unique product was born.
       As an outstanding handmade furniture brand, VITTORIA FRIGERIO sofa is actually a creation, it is a perfect symphony of elements, which can only be explained with a lifetime of experience. No machine can replace people, or rather expert craftsmen, when it comes to building a perfect sofa.
      The pursuit of the return of colors brings warmth, comfort and a slightly retro-style revival, which fully reflects the personalities of families and residents. This is why the free use of volume, color and materials becomes an expression of oneself and lifestyle.
      Every design of Frigerio is considered in all aspects from aesthetics, architecture, ergonomics, functionality and practicability. While striving to achieve a tasteful decorative effect, users can feel the maximum comfort level. Since its inception, Frigerio has been deeply loved by high-end modern users.
     Modern and almost rigorous style, while maintaining a warm family atmosphere, thanks to the soft feather filling, giving it a lovely time-worn look. Moreover, the combination of many different finishes and elements makes the combination of breaking the traditional mold become a manifestation of everyone's creativity.
      Armchairs and smart tables, these tables come in three sizes, painted in soft colors, contrasting materials reminiscent of games that already reflect the characteristics of the sofa and highly special brass pedals, further emphasize the retro atmosphere.
       As a family-owned company specializing in the production of furniture and decorative items, every piece of furniture and accessories designed by Vittoria Frigerio perfectly combines classic and modern, allowing fashion and design to be integrated, giving people a sense of vintage luxury and elegance. , And has a very modern sense.
      Frigerio's material selection is extremely wide, from the selection of animal skins, feathers and textiles, to investing heavily in research and development of more durable and high-tech materials, only to ensure that each user has a unique sensory enjoyment, meet the user's different aesthetic tastes, Personalized decoration needs, and practical function needs.
       about the Italian furniture brand VITTORIA FRIGERIO, the unique retro, simple and luxurious content is introduced to you here.

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