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核心提示:TURRI的今天就是归功于它把经典风格作为一种传统,甚至是一种哲学理念。从1925年生产的第一件柜子直到现在的所有家具,TURRI家具在制作时,都按照三个基础的概念:新颖,可靠,唯一。TURRI 家具定制电话:18716668818
      TURRI --- original, authentic and unique. TURRI furniture custom telephone: 18716668818
      "Luxury exists in classical and modern"-this is a great idea of ​​Italian Pietro Turri in 1925. It is this persistence that has made TURRI the brand that has led the international furniture industry for more than half a century. Since 1925, when the first furniture product left Pietro Turri's production plant, it immediately became popular because of its excellent quality.
     TURRI is good at leather making and wood decoration handmade. TURRI's products are rich and can meet the needs of various customers. TURRI also provides overall home space, personalized customization of suspended ceilings, wooden finishes, doors, marbles, etc.
      Today, TURRI owes it to the classic style as a tradition, or even a philosophy. From the first cabinet produced in 1925 to all the furniture now, TURRI furniture is produced according to three basic concepts: novel, reliable, and unique.
     Turri, Italy's top luxury brand, has been favored by everyone for its excellent quality since the first piece of furniture left the Pietro Turri factory.

      TURRI's philosophy can be summarized in three words: original, authentic and unique.
        Out of love and respect for the traditional classical style, as well as the continuation of the pursuit of high-end luxury in innovation and contemporary, Turri maintains his way of thinking about "classical and modern luxury in parallel", creating the only unique turri quality.
        Turri can always integrate luxury into every space like art. People who have their own understanding and pursuit of luxury can always find their own world in Turri.
       Turri's team spares no effort to "build" luxury, the fine selection of materials, the craftsmanship of excellence, the uncompromising attitude of pursuing top quality, all of which are indispensable conditions for achieving ultimate quality and gaining a reputation for excellence.
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