Poltrona Frau
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Poltrona Frau

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核心提示:Poltrona Frau(玻托那福劳)诞生于1912年的Poltrona Frau,已经有100年的历史了。1926年正式成为意大利王室家具的供应商,近百年来已成为古今整个欧洲皇室家族的专属御用家具 。Poltrona Frau家具定制电话:18716668818
      POLTRONA FRAU (Potona Frau) was born in Poltrona Frau in 1912 and has a history of 100 years. In 1926, it officially became the supplier of Italian royal furniture. In the past 100 years, it has become the exclusive royal furniture of the entire European royal family from ancient to modern times. Poltrona Frau Furniture Customized Telephone: 18716668818

     Poltrona Frau is favored by famous places in Europe and America: the performance hall of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the European Common Parliament, and the British Museum all design custom furniture by Poltrona Frau, Bang & Olufen, Bvlgari, Cartier, Hermes, Prada, etc. Poltrona Frau designs the global showroom. The Ferrari family loves and collects Poltrona Frau. Ferrari and Maserati both take pride in having Poltrona Frau built-in hardcover seats.
100 years of aging, casting fine products
    The reason why Poltrona Frau has a collection value stems from his unique exquisite craftsmanship and top-grade natural materials that have continued for centuries, as well as the classic hand-in-hand style that surpasses the fashion of different generations. Poltrona Frau's leather material and leather chair sewing technology are the biggest highlights of the brand. Poltrona Frau dared to disclose the cross-sectional view of its products. The reason why it is bold is that Poltrona Frau is not afraid of learning, because the true craftsmanship is not inherited. of. For example, the Baby Vanity Fair sofa is the favorite of ladies, and the design has strong characteristics of Victorian furniture.
     From the nearly one hundred years of history of Poltrona Frau, we can just see the evolution of the sofa. Interestingly, when the cycle of a century is approaching, we found that the design a hundred years ago was actually the most contemporary design. The "1919 sofa" made by Poltrona Frau in 1919 was so comfortable that Golia, a famous cartoonist in the Art Nouveau period, drew a cartoon that God sat on and fell asleep.
Fei Fan is proud of the world
     Poltrona Frau’s exquisite craftsmanship has earned it the favor of top venues and top brands around the world: the Guggenheim Museum Performance Hall in New York, Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the European Common Parliament, and the British Museum all designate Poltrona Frau as custom furniture, while Bang&Olufen , Bvlgari, Cartier, Hermes, Prada, etc. have also chosen Poltrona Frau to design global showrooms.
    In the homes of Italian aristocrats, you will always find Poltrona Frau furniture. They are not eye-catching new favorites, but elegant and low-key "antiques". After generations of legacy, the family history and beautiful memories are inscribed. The Ferrari family is a representative of them. They love and collect Poltrona Frau. Ferrari and Maserati are proud of having Poltrona Frau built-in hardcover seats.
Superb craftsmanship and value
   In the past century, Poltrona Frau has insisted on using leather and pure natural materials, insisting on only using top-grade leather with a fully hand-made process, and insisting on making only in Italian factories. The shadow of the master architect flashes behind each piece. Poltrona Frau Known as the "vane of the Italian furniture industry", it has a very high collection value. In the hearts of Italians, it is not just furniture, it shows a timeless and irreplaceable value.

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