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核心提示:意大利品牌CAPITAL家具是Atmosphera公司旗下的品牌,近半世纪丰富经验的积累使CAPITAL所属的Atmosphera公司成为一个在室内和室外家具领域都很成功的佼佼者。CAPITAL 家具定制电话:18716668818
 The Italian brand CAPITAL furniture is a brand of Atmosphera. The accumulation of rich experience in the past half century has made Atmosphera, a subsidiary of CAPITAL, a leader in both indoor and outdoor furniture. CAPITAL Furniture Customized Telephone: 18716668818
CAPITAL is deeply influenced by Italy's century-old craft culture, and does not pursue the rapid production of machinery. It is more willing to explore the calmness and refinement accumulated over the years and create furniture that can withstand the severe test of time.
The combination of materials and contemporary design makes its products have a unique style and fully reflect the sense of harmony in time and space.
Capital originated from Italy, adhering to the perfect combination of European ancient craftsmanship and modern craftsmanship, selected wood and hand-carved, high-quality coloring, fine gold paste and other creative combinations. However, what makes it famous in the industry is that it firmly uses only natural, environmentally friendly materials as the original intention of furniture raw materials.
"You soar in the sky, free and light, you don't want to stay, where in the sky or in the corner of the earth, your happiness is unhindered." This sentence is a widely circulated verse, exquisitely speaking The family is very important in life.
The Capital brand has been constantly researching various new types of environmentally friendly materials in the design concept of furniture, striving to combine tradition and innovation to give furniture a fresh life. "Giving guests a more delicate experience of use" has always been the capital brand's diligent pursuit of.
The long history and rich culture and art have made Italy's design talent come out in large numbers. It is undoubtedly a very particular country. The Capital brand is a more particular brand in this country. With the same materials and the same environment, it must boldly pursue new raw materials, and ensure that all substrates are all natural materials. Adhere to environmental protection to thank nature for its selflessness Gift.
Under its hands, an ordinary bedroom home becomes a work of art. In other fields, Capital has always advocated putting the needs of customers first, whether it is the original mobile kitchen, the global customer base, innovatively designed furniture, or the handicrafts favored by high-end people... Capital relies on exquisite and exquisite Workmanship and design, environmentally friendly natural raw materials are superior.
The warm warm wind blew up, announcing the arrival of spring, and entering the Capital brand, so that environmentally friendly natural materials, ingenious craftsmanship, and sophisticated design became another way to open the world.
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